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"Wake-Up Crew" Morning Trivia!!


Monday 5-9-2018 & Tuesday 5-20-2018 TRIVIA 

Q:We eat close to 3000 of these in our lifetime...what is it?

A: Peanut butter & J\jelly sandwiches

Tuesday TV Theme Trivia Answer:

Sanford & Son

Thursday 3-29-2018 Trivia  

Q: According to a new survey..about 9% of us do not take this with us when we leave the house..what is it??

A: Cash

Monday 3/26/2018 Trivia

Q: 11.5% of women, say a man who has THIS is sophisticated..what is it?

A: A Mustache

Friday 3/23/2018 Trivia

Q: A recent poll of adults say that around 20% of us eat this every day..what is it?

A: Cereal

Thursday 3/22/2018 Trivia:

Q: A third of people say they cannot do this..Hint: it's something you do with your hands..

A: Snap your fingers

Wednesday 3/21/2018 Friendly Feud

Q: Complete the phrase.."Hold Your ____"

A: The #1 answer was Horses...followed by Breath, Tongue, Hand and Head Up

Tuesday 3/20/2018 TV Theme Trivia

This TV Comedy TV show ran from 1983-1990

Answer: Mama's Family


Monday 3/19/2018 Trivia 

Q: Eggs are #2 and Peanuts are #3...but what is the number 1 food or drink people are allergic to??

Answer: Milk

Friday 3/16/2018 Trivia

25% of young adults have never been in one of these...and it's some place most people visit at least once a week...what is it?

Answer: A Bank


Thursday 3/15/2018 Trivia

Drivers will experience this the most, between 5pm - 6pm on a Friday..what is it??

Answer: Road Rage 

Wednesday 3/14/2018 Friendly Feud

Q: Name an occupation that begins with the letter "J"

#1 Answer:  Janitor

Tuesday 3/13/2018 TV Theme Trivia

Show ran from 1981 - 1987

Answer: Hill Street Blues

Monday 3/12/2018

On average...we do this about 1 hour and 15 minutes every day..what is it?

Answer:  Eat

Friday 3/9/2018

More then half of men say getting this done makes them sleepy...what is it?

Answer:  A Haircut

Thursday 3/8/2018

Close to 12% of people still have one of these, that was popular in the 70's..what is it?

Answer: A Lava Lamp

Wednesday 3/7/2018 "Friendly Feud"

Name a body part that a golf ball could get stuck in?

#1 Answer was:  The Mouth

Tuesday 3/6/2018

TV Theme Trivia: Magnum P.I.

Monday 3/5/2018

A New study says that 25% of us have gotten into an accident in this location..where?

Answer: A Parking Lot

Thursday 3/1/2018


Close to 49% of us say we change this only once a week..what is it??


A Bath Towel

Wednesday 2/28/2018

"Friendly Feud"

If a man is in training for marriage, name a word or phrase he should practice saying??


1. Yes Dear

2. Sorry

3. I Love You

4. I Do

5. Thank You

Friday, 2/23/2018

This happens close to 6000 times a day in the U.S....what is it?

Answer: Couples Get Married

Friday, 2/16/2018

When it came to valentines day...55% of singles said they would have liked to received this....….what is it?? 

Answer: A Love Letter

Thursday, 2/15/2018

According to a new survey, over half of us fantasize about this at least twice a month...what is it?

Answer: Quitting our job

Tuesday, 2/13/2018

"K-HITS TV Theme Trivia"

Answer: The A Team

Monday, 2/12/2018

Around 15% of people each month get injured doing this..what is it?

Answer: Exercise / Work Out

Friday, 2/9/2018

Half of us say it is NEVER okay to do this while at work..what is it?

Answer: Take your shoes off

Thursday, 2/8/2018

A recent survey reveals that about half of us cheat playing this board game, what game is it??

Answer: Monopoly

Wednesday, 2/7/2018

"Friendly Feud", need the #1 answer to..

Name something a doctor might pull out of a person...

#1 Answer: Appendix

Tuesday, 2/6/2018

"K-HITS TV Theme Trivia" This show ran from 1960-1968

Answer:  The Andy Griffith Show

Monday, 2/5/2018

Question: Only 7% of us say the best place to watch the Super Bowl is where??

Answer: At a bar or restaurant

Friday, 2/2/2018

Question: Around 7% of women have had a dream about a man with this occupation..what is it?

Answer:  A Bartende

Thursday, 2/1/2018

Question: When it comes to technology, only around 8% of us have never done this..what is it?

Answer: Sent An Email