95.3 K-HITS Video Design

Video Commercials For Websites, Social Media And More!!

95.3 K-HITS Digital Division creates awesome video commercials, which can enhance your marketing plans for your business! Use them on your website, or social media, or better yet make them part of an entire marketing campaign with 95.3 K-HITS using radio, website, social media and apps!! 

Here Is What You Receive

Lets Talk About Your Ad


Your 95.3 K-HITS Account Executive wil talk to you about your video ad, it's content, verbage, location of the shoot...ect.

Video Shoot


Our Videographer will arrive the day of the shoot and get several "takes" for the video ad, so the final product meets expectations 



Our Videographer will edit down a final version of the ad using the latest video software and graphics to make your ad pop!



95.3 K-HITS will present the final product to you for approval. We are happy to make up to 3 editing revisions to the ad at no extra cost.

Final Product


You will receive a final HD quailty video ad that will be ready to promote your business to current and potential new customers!

Now Let's Make It Work!


Your 95.3 K-HITS Account Executive can put your new ad to work with combination marketing packages that includes K-HITS social media, website, app, and with a radio ad schedule your cost for the ad can be reduced or FREE!!

95.3 K-HITS Makes Marketing Affordable!

Use your New Video Ad Any Way You Desire


You get everything mentioned above, and you can use your ad however you may choose.

With A 95.3 K-HITS Radio Schedule


Save $200 and get more "bang for the buck" when you use your ad in combination with an affordable 95.3 K-HITS radio schedule!

With A 95.3 K-HITS Combo Marketing Package


That's right your new video ad can be FREE with a number of combination marketing packages from 95.3 K-HITS! Ask your 95.3 K-HITS Account Executive for more information!

Contact 95.3 K-HITS For More Information!

Call us at 254-898-0084 Or Email Us With Your Contact Info And We Will Get Back To You Shortly!