95.3 K-HITS Sponsorship Opportunities!!


Attach Your Business To Highly Listened To Programming And Community Event Opportunities!

95.3 K-HITS has a number of highly listened to "on air" program segements, specialty shows and community event opportunities that can highlight your business in many ways...including the following.....

News & Sports Sponsorships!

Be part of morning drive and the "Wake-Up Crew" by tying your business into a news or sports sponsorship! The "Wake-up Crew" is where listeners tune into to find out what's going on in Hood, Johnson, Erath, Sommervell, Bosque, Hill, Hamilton And Parker Counties!

 Six Newscasts, and Three Sportscasts are available for sponsorship every weekday morning. Your business gets a :15 second "live" read "open" and "close" per each segment. Listeners pay attention to news and sports, now let them pay attention to your business as well!! 

Weather Sponsorships

95.3 K-HITS is known as the areas source for local weather! Whether it's severe storms, tornado's, ice, or snow, the 95.3 K-HITS storm center is on top of it with "live" coverage during the most severe weather! We have a great relationship with Emergency Management in the counties we serve, so we are able to broadcast critical information to the public quickly! 

Sponsorships include daily weather forecasts all day long where your business will receive a :10 second sponsorship mention before each forecast.

Storm Center Sponsorship: When severe weather hits, the K-HITS Storm Center goes into operation! Be a Storm Center Sponsor  and get two :15 second "Live" sponsorship announcements per hour during severe weather coverage!

95.3 K-HITS Trivia Sponsor!!

It is one of the most listened to segments on the radio...95.3 K-HITS Trivia!! The phone lines are packed with people who want to play and win!! Your business could also be part of all the excitement and fun, being a 95.3 K-HITS Trivia sponsor!!

Sponsorship: You get two :15 second "live reads" as an "open and close" for the contest, plus the winner could win a gift certificate or other prize from your business!!

Community Event Sponsorships

95.3 K-HITS is all over the community, doing "live remote" broadcasts that help non-profit organizations during their events! You can tie your business into many of these events that we do each year, from Blood Drives, To local Cancer Support Groups, High School events, Boat Safety Awareness, and many many others!  You'll get business name mentions in promos for the event and mentions during the "live remote" broadcast as being an "on air" sponsor for the event!

Weekend Specialty Programming!!

Tie your business into some of the best weekend programs on the radio!!

Classic Hit List: Saturday mornings 6am-10am! The Classic Rock music, news and headline from the 60's, 70's and 80's with M.G. Kelly!

Mike Harvey's All Request Saturday Night Party!: It's the Nations most listened to all request Classic Hits show with a BIG local following....Saturday nights 6pm - Midnight!!

American Top 40 With Casey Kasem: The most listened to Top 40 Countdown Show from the 70's and 80's is back every Sunday morning from 6am - 1pm with the legendary Casey Kasem, and your business can be part of this highly popular Sunday show that brings back memories for many listeners!!