"On Air" Opportunities For Your Business!!


Recorded Commercials

Let 95.3 K-HITS create a recorded commercial for your business that catches the listeners "ear" and helps to put your businesses name "Top Of Mind"!!

* Commercial lengths are :15 seconds,  :30 seconds, and :60 seconds

* Standard commercials with music beds and sound effects

* K-HITS creative department will create script for your businesses commercial using the "bullet points" that you supply us as part of an advertising purchase

Add Your Personality To The Commercial!

That's right, be on the radio!! Listeners love it when they hear the owner of a business doing their own commercial, or being part of their commercial! It adds that personal feel, and when they come in to your business they may even walk up to you and say..."Hey, I heard you on the radio"!

K-HITS Advertising "Phoners"

What's a "Phoner"?? It's when you come "on air" via phone to talk about your business, promotion or sale that you may have coming up! Interact with the "Wake-Up Crew" in "morning drive" for 2-3 minutes and let listeners hear who you are and what your business is up to! If you do this on a weekly basis listeners will get to you you personally and will feel like they know you when they visit your business!

"Live Reads"

This is when our "Air Personalities" promote your business with a "live commercial" read during their air shift. Having an "air personality" read your commercial adds a personal touch, and a uniqueness every time it is read on air. Listeners develop a relationship with their favorite air personalities, so if one is talking about your business, they may think, "hey if he/she is talking about that business it must be a great place to visit"!! 

"Air Personality" Endorsements

Let a 95.3 K-HITS "Air Personality" represent your business! They'll talk about their experience visiting or dealing with your business, and what it has done for them, giving an "on air" testimonial that will catch listeners attention and make them think..."Hey if it's good for them, and they are endorsing it, then I need to try it"!!

95.3 K-HITS Advertising Pricing And Information

Thank You For Your Interest In 95.3 K-HITS For Your Advertising And Marketing Needs! You Can Call Us At 254-898-0084 Or Please Provide Us Your Contact Information And Someone Will Be Back With You Shortly!

95.3 K-HITS

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